Friday, September 3, 2010

Latest Quick Project

So nothing really ever is a quick project for me.... no matter how simple. But still.... I like to have something I am working on.

My latest quick project (that took 2 months to do).


I simply love decorative pots. The one thing I dislike is the cost. They are so expensive! I found a fun, creative way to get just the pots I wanted. I painted them myself.

I got these pots at IKEA for $4.99 each.

I painted them black with tole paints. Once the paint dried I put these cute flower stickers on them. Then, I put modge podge all over the painted posts to seal in the stickers and the paint.

Stickers $4
Paint $1.40
Brushes $3

Tah -Dah!

Don't they look so cute?! Just what I wanted. And SUPER afforadle too!!


Jen and Allen said...

So cute!

melanie said...

very nice!