Monday, January 17, 2011

Sledding at the Cabin

Winter just wouldn't be winter if we didn't get some great sledding in.

...and what better way to do it than with some work friends!!

Niel invited some of his work friends up to the cabin for a fun day of sledding!! YAY!

Rosa was so much fun!!! I loved getting to meet her!

Shelby and Brittany are danty sledders...haha! There are all kinds of sledders.

Sharline and Aren went all for it. They get down and crazy. Totally fun!!!

Align CenterRussell was nice. He sled with the kids. He sled with his wife. He drove the sled if anyone asked. He even walked up the hill so others could ride.... and he did it without breaking a sweat.

And Grandma was the best sport of all. She let everyone ride down.... many times. She just sat and took pictures of us all!!!


This was Zander's first time down on a real sleigh.

"I am so T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D!!!!"

He makes me laugh but I was proud of him for taking the big leap and actually going down!!


StamKeve said...

Fun! Oh there is my cute little Rosa! Tell her I miss her! And that I think I live near her now!

little ms. sassy shelby said...

Amy I totally stole pictures for my blog from your blog. Thanks for posting them :) (This is Shelby by the way)