Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is what REALLY matters!


Today I turned the big 3 - 5!
(yeah for me)
Anyway.... the day was pretty good. My 5 boys made me breakfast. This meant waking up at 5:45 because I leave early.

The breakfast was fantastic!

Niel took me out to lunch!

Beautiful roses were delivered to work from my main man! They totally brightened my day.... after all, who wants to be at work on their birthday - not me!

My work friends were awesome. They got me a card and some yummy cupcakes (I love cupcakes)!

Then... I had to go into a meeting. The meeting started late and it ended REALLY late. When I say really late, I am talking about 3 hours late!!!!

I had to cancel my family birthday party. I was sad to say the least.

The horrible part was the fact that I couldn't get a hold of the four little boys I had sitting at home, waiting to join me for my family birthday party. Conner's phone wasn't working. Niel had school tonight. So the boys just sat at home. They sat and just wondered. They sat and wondered for 3 hours. Three hours is a long time for 4 young boys it just sit and wonder.

I kept thinking the meeting was going to end. But no, it kept going and going and going.

Finally, it finished up and I drove home as fast as I possibly could.

I could tell Conner was worried. I thought he was going to ground me for not letting him know what was going on. Stockton gave me a big hug and told me he was just happy I was safe. Garrett and Zander thought for sure I was going to be on the evening news.

I felt horrible for making them worry. I felt horrible we all missed a fun dinner together tonight. I was pretty disappointed in myself.

Niel walked in about 20 minutes after I got home. He walked in and he knew I was pretty upset with how the evening ended.

He walked in with this.....

.... I love him!

This is all that REALLY matters!

Thanks babe for making a wonderful birthday memory - this morning - this afternoon - and especially tonight!

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! Sorry you had to be so stressed on your birthday, but I'm glad it all worked out.