Saturday, June 4, 2011

Schools Out!

School is out! What a fantastic school year it was!

Conner finished up his first year of Junior High! He LOVED it!!

He did very well for his 7th grade year. He had some fun projects and developed a real liking for art.

Stocks did well his 5th grade year. His efforts were good this year. He had a couple hard papers he had to type up and a big wax museum event. He picked to be Benjamin Franklin! He also took 3rd overall in the Geography Bee in which he completed with 6th graders. He took first in the 5th grade! We were all so proud of him!

Gar is a terrific speller! He studied hard every week and did well on his tests. His biggest project was a poster of and report on a famous person. No surprise he picked a famous football player for his report.... Steve Young! 3rd grade was plenty exciting and super fun for him!

Zander is finally in school ALL DAY! His favorite part of the day is lunch! He enjoyed being big! He loved his teacher and his class. He had to write a paper on his favorite animal which happens to be a Zebra.... mostly because it starts with the same letter as his name. He loves schools and did very well!

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SJ said...

Sounds like you guys had a great year!