Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Car Trouble!

We have two - great - reliable - newer vehicles!
But for some reason they both decided to have issues at the same time.
First the truck just died. Niel went to pick up corn at the local market place. He turned off the car, purchased the corn, came back to the car and it wouldn't start.
He figured that it was the battery so he purchased a new battery for the truck and used his fabulous mechanical skills and we were back in business.


On the same day the Sequoia got a flat tire. No big deal.... right?


Our spare we had wasn't the correct one. The Sequoia sat on the side of our house like this for a couple of days while we figured out how to get a tire back on it. The hard part was that we didn't have another vehicle to purchase a tire because the truck was out of order.

It took a couple of days for us to get up and running but we did finally get both vehicles up and running!

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