Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Raging Waters

We have a favorite water park we love to go to.... Raging Waters!!

There are some really great ways to get wet!

There are some crazy big slides. Conner, Garrett, and Niel all decided to go on them.

Here goes Conner.... down, back up, and over.... he made it!

G was next. Down he went.... but up he didn't quit make it.

Then it was Niel's turn. Down. Up... almost up... oh.... not quite... then back down.

The day was super fun though! Stockton loves going on the tube runs, rope swing, and he is always up for some fun entertainment for me and the camera!

Zander loves the tube slides too. We tried to hard to get people to take him on them!!

Gar was quit daring this year. We went on both big slides and more adventures.

Conner was a good sport. He took his little brothers on things and even hung out with me for a while. It was a fantastic day!

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