Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Got to love a day to celebrate LOVE!

Good morning to my most favorite people in the entire world!! I love our tradition of making Valentines Breakfast!!!

.... delicious!

The boys had fun putting together their Valentines for their friends. Gar decided to do a toy this year instead of candy. It was a big hit!

Valentine, you make my heart bounce!

Conner's went something like this...... Someone has a CRUSH on you!

Zander made little Super hero Valentines this year.

Have a Super Valentines Day

Niel took me out to celebrate a day of love. He sent me roses to work and told me to bring them home because we would need them for the night. He took me to my old work place, Courtyard at Jamestown, where we passed out roses to as many people as we could find. It was fun to watch the expressions on their faces. They were so happy to get a flower. Then we went to the mall and people watched. We looked for people who were in love..... or hanging out together. It was a super fun night! We even went to Chick-fil-a, which is my favorite! We had a fun time out together!


Diana said...

how cute are you! Decked out valentines and handing out roses. Your valentines holiday rock!

SJ said...

love it!