Friday, February 10, 2012


We have been keeping busy with plenty of things (as usual)!

Gar and Zander have been working hard in school. They both have made our family ATEAM activity every week. Way to go boys!!! In order to go on the ATEAM activity, they have to have very good grades. They choose dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe!

Stocky has had many school projects. He completed his science project and also a project on a famous person. He picked Arnold Schwarzenegger as his famous person. He did an excellent job of getting everything done.

Conner had the assignment of putting together a picture of all his favorite things. I thought he was pretty creative. This pretty much describes Conner. I thought this also captured the fun, well - rounded person he is!

Niel has been doing lots of things around the house lately. I have really appreciated all the new, exciting home improvements he have all got to enjoy as a family. Thanks Niel!

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