Saturday, July 14, 2012


Lacrosse has been incredible this year.

Conner dominated once again on the field.  He even got called a bully at one of the games.  He is just so tough!

It was Garrett's first year playing Lacrosse.  He told me he likes it almost as much as football!  He is very physical on the field.  He had to go to the penalty box a couple of times.... that is a good thing, it means you are playing tough!

Stocky is a incredible defender!  He does well in helping out the goalie and making points too.  He got to play goalie a couple of times this year.  He sure has gotten fast and looks great!

Lacrosse is no fun without fans!  Grandma Dean came to almost every game.  That is saying something because it has been SO FREAKING out this year!  Thanks for coming and supporting us this year!

Here are our cute fans!  We love to have cousins come watch too!

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