Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It must be August!

August means we are SUPER busy!  I will have to say it is my most favorite time of the year though.

Conner made the 9th grade A Team.  It's a completely different year for him.  The two Jr. High's merge together to make 1 incredible team!  He has new players, new coaches, and even new rules.  Conner has been practicing freaking HARD.  It's apparent with all the bruises he comes home with.  All his hard work paid off though, Conner earned the title of Captain for his team this year.  What an honor.  I was SO proud of him!  He definitely worked hard for it!

Stockton had try out this year as well.  Stocks got out and showed his strength.  He was determined, listened well, and kicked some major butt!  Guess what? .... all the hard work paid off, he made the 7th grade A team this year!  Woot-woot!!!  Look at his strength! Way to go Stockton!  I am proud of you!

Gman brought it all to try-outs this year!  5th grade is the first year the boys have to try out for a team!  This kid is FAST!  He showed off his speed and it must have impressed because he made the A team this year!  Garrett is determined!  He is strong!!  And he is incredibly fast and agile.  He is SO much fun to watch because he just feels football.  Again, so proud of him for doing his best and being so dedicated!

Zander looks like a little football player.  When he is out on the field, he knows what he is doing.  His muscles are incredible!  Zander has been working on his speed, and is doing so well!!  Not sure what he will be playing yet, but he has been studying to be Middle Linebacker!  He is excited and happy!  He is working hard and I am so proud of him!!

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