Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Challenge - Niel's side

Ok, so before I get in big trouble with all of Amy's friends, I have to clear something up. Amy does look fantastic, I didn't make the challenge because I thought she needed to look better. In fact we are about to go out on a date and she is wearing the same outfit she wore on the night we first kissed...and all I can say is she looks even better now. (Alright, hopefully that will get me out of any hot water.)

Amy and I were just talking about eating healthier. We both have our weaknesses, hers is Sugar, mine is fast food. I pick up fast food all the time, because it's convenient and I don't want to bother with anything else. So my challenge to her is skipping sweets, her challenge to me is skipping fast food.

It's Burger Supreme I'd miss. Plus, it just takes planning ahead so I don't stop for food just because it's there.

Do you really think I could go without fast food for a year? Would it be harder to skip sugar or fast food? I guess it depends on the person. But maybe this time next year we will both be healthier.


Amy said...

That's right! I wouldn't take any bet by myself... there has to be something for us both to be betting on. I don't think he can do it ... no way! He loves Burger Supreme almost as much as he loves me!! I told him for his birthday, we could make an exception. So, on August 29th, you can meet us there, that is where the party will be!

Steve and Megan said...

Wow! This is quite the bet. If you two can do this, you have more will power than anyone I've ever met. My advice? Don't do it. Enjoy the things you love in moderation while you still can!

Silver Back said...

We agree with you Megan. The problem is I don't eat fast food in moderation, I eat it way too much. I don't think either of us want to give up our pet unhealthy food forever. We just want a good way to cut back and prove to ourselves we can do without it.

Earlier this year we both figured we were drinking too much pop. So we gave it up for about 6 months. After that we both found it was much easier to not drink it nearly so often. So the long layoff helped us cut back to a reasonable level.

Hopefully our little bet would help us do the same thing.

melanie said...

okay... for me it would definantly be sugar... fast food I can do without for a year but sugar would be so hard!