Monday, April 7, 2008

Basketball in the snow?

We all saved our money and made big plans to get a basketball court in the backyard. All the boys, including Niel, were just waiting for the the ground to thaw so the cement could be poured. Winter seemed to never end, but finally the snow melted and the weather was nice. Right away we had the cement guys come out and get to work. It took about a week for the masterpiece to be finished. When it was, what a sight it was to behold. As our luck would have it, that was the only week of spring. That very next day it snowed. And the day after that is snowed again. If it isn't snowing, the wind in blowing like crazy or the sky is dropping tear drops.
The weather isn't keeping the boys inside though. Conner is outside everyday.... with gloves, coat and a smile on his face. He comes back inside with a pink nose, but he sure is happy. The snow will not stop him.

Garrett is so upset that it is snowing!!! He wants it to be spring all ready. I feel the same way. Afterall, it is April and we are dying to get rid of this white stuff!
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Kristin said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Hoefully you guys will get some nice weather soon :) We are putting our blog on private, so when you get a chance, email me your email address at so I can send you an invite.

Katie said...

That expression on Garrett's face describes exactly how I feel about this long, long winter! Poor guy.

Lori Buhr said...

What a joy it is to be a child and be able to express your unbound joy or complete disappointment and still be loved and accepted. A little basketball would be so fun! I agree with Garrett about the snow. Boo-hoo! and AHHH!