Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home Alone

For the first time since Conner was born, I was home alone... by myself.... for 3 days and 2 nights!
Niel headed on down to Moab to do some turkey hunting with his best friends. The boys are still in Montana spending Spring Break with the Quiring side of the family. That left me... home alone.
I am not used to being all by myself, and I will have to admit, I was slightly worried about how I would handle it. Would I get bored? What was I going to do? Well.... I had a BLAST!

I had planned to do some homework..... but you know how I am with homework. I despise it more then cleaning the toilet! I figured my distraction from homework would have to be good since it is finals week and I am really far behind. Wouldn't you know it.... I found a big distraction...... OUR BEDROOM.

On Friday I went to IKEA for the the first time. I think Niel would agree with me when I say it is a good thing it took me so long to find this store. IKEA is pretty incredible. I could spend a lot of time there.... and a lot of money. While I was in the store my creative juices began to flow.

Here are a few pictures of our bedroom before. It was pretty messy and in need of some attention. The poor bedroom got an entire make-over!

(Caution... some of these pictures display a pretty messy, unorganized person. Please do not be alarmed!)


Take a good look at this dresser.... you won't recognize it again!...haha!!!


Here it is... the new dresser. You may be wondering where the TV went, as this was Niel's first question. The TV broke, so I guess that means we will have to get a new one!

Just a little commentary on the books. I am sure you have heard the comment, "A women and her shoes!" well.... I am starting a new one for Niel, "A man and his books!" The books on the shelves are all books Niel is currently reading, has read, or plans on reading from the past 6 months. We have a bunch more books down in the storage room. When we got married I wasn't asking Niel to give away his favorite ugly chair or the prized, stuffed, mantled deer head. I asked him to go through his books and get rid of the ones he doesn't want anymore. I swear, we could have started a library of our own. I am not complaining.... reading is a very great hobby.... we just don't have enough room in our house for 5 kids, a dog, all my shoes..... and his books!!! Niel... you know I love you!

I had a great weekend!!!! I think everyone should go and leave me alone a little more often, well, maybe not too often. Being home alone is only nice once and a while. The house was almost too quiet. Niel had a great time hunting too. Stay posted for his rendition of the weekend.... with plenty of dead turkey pictures!

Oh, and if you don't hear from me all week it is because I am finishing up the semster.


Heather said...

How fun! I didn't even realize you were going to school. What are you studying?

Jen and Allen said...

It looks beautiful! You did a great job... I did the same thing when Allen was deployed he had been gond for almost 4 months and finals week was the week I decided to paint our bedroom and redosome things... I love finals week I get so inspired to do wonderful things... to bad its not my homework!

Brooke said...

WOW! I love the black and green. I believe that GREEN is this years color. Great job Amy! I must say I am proud of you for staying home and that you enjoyed "YOU" time. I call it "Me" time. It really is quite nice! So, thanks for the idea's while Rick and Bryn are out of town next week. Do you want to take a trip up to IKEA with me?

The Betitas said...

the bedroom looks awesome!

Steve and Megan said...

Your bedroom looks gorgeous! I love it. You have such great taste. I haven't been to IKEA yet. Looks like I need to take a trip up there. I missed you this weekend hunting. Hanging with just the boys is fun, but it would have been better if you were there!

Rick...the meek and mild said...

She didn't get these tendancies. If you consider this well done it was through the blood line of Dot that this happened.

Kristy Dean said...

I love love it!! come do mine now k :)

Anonymous said...

AMY!!!! Your room looks incredible! You should be an interior designer!!