Sunday, March 8, 2009

Basketball 2009

It has been a great Basketball season for us this year! The boys played their hearts out. Niel coached is guts out.... and Zander, me and Megan watched and cheered as loud as we could!

Niel was the coach of Stockton's team this year. Since he was the coach, he let Garrett play a little. Garrett is a wild animal when it comes to basketball! He is the smallest guy on the floor, but super speedy and an excellent dribbler. He can also steal the ball pretty quickly. A comment I got from one of the parents was, "What are you feeding that kid?" It was fun to watch him get a taste of basketball this year. He is looking forward to the time when he gets to play on his very own team!

Stockton learned so much this year! At the beginning of the year he was standing around just begging someone to throw him the ball. By the end of the season he was playing some amazing defense. He learned how to move around the floor and get himself open. He loved to play and we all loved to watch! Niel had a great time coaching!! The kids on the team loved him. He gives much encouragement and praise!! I was proud of him too!!

Conner had another great year! He was lucky enough to get the same coach he had last year! He won most rebounds several weeks in a row. One game he was highest rebounder and most points! Conner is good at listening to his coach. He knows his plays inside and out. He is strong too!! The coach has to remind him he is playing basketball, not football because he can just run right over the other players!

It was an excellent year! Basketball season is over, which means time to get ready for football... all ready!

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