Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green 2009

I Love St. Paddy's Day!!! Every year we sit down together and make clover sugar cookies. Each person helps decorate. Then, we pass them along to our family, friends, co-workers, and teachers. The kids love it! So do I!!

Delicious! Not one cookie alike!

This year we started a new tradition. The kids woke up to a silly, clumsy little leprechaun who had spilled gold nuggets (chocolate candies) all over the house. The kids had fun picking them up and storing them for later.

There is one time during the year that tattoos are allowed in the house (smile). Conner is getting a little too old for the little kid traditions. I had to beg him to put on a tattoo. He was a pretty good sport.

I am so lucky to have four of the finest boys! They sure do brighten up my life!!

The leprechaun left Conner a shirt that had his name on it. It was even spelled correctly.

Garrett and Zander got some green flip-flops!

Green jello is fun to make for St Paddy's Day. Each of us puts in our favorite fruit, let them set up, and then apply tons for whip cream! It is an easy treat and a very fun thing to do with the family!!

Zander is all smiles with his green jello! It was a fun, green day!


Diana said...

Amy! You are so cute. I love reading about your holiday traditions. I'm sure Conner will cherish these "kid" memories as he gets older.

Jen and Allen said...

That looks like fun we had a green breakfast and if we wanted dad would die our tongue green for st Patrick’s day. Patrick for years thought it was a holiday that was celebrating him.

Unknown said...

OK, dang girl- you're putting all of us "normal" moms to sHaMe! YOur an amazing mom!!!!!!

Becky =) said...

Thank you for your commment on my blog. I've been taking a look around yours and I LOVE the creative things you do with your kids...especially these! Beautiful family!!!