Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am SO loved!

This week was dnd of quarter at work. For me, end of quarter is overly stressful. During these couple of weeks things can get pretty crazy at work. The kids and Niel all know when it is end of quarter because I can get a little grumpy.... or sometimes a lot grumpy. Tonight was the actual end of quarter night. This means I work until the orders are processed and the books are closed. Usually, I am not home until midnight, but tonight I was lucky enough to get home at decent time.... 9:00 pm. During the day I was also given permission to leave work for an hour break. My hour break was spent on the football field, watching Conner's team pull off yet another incredible victory (26-0). I missed the first half of the game, where Conner scored 2 touchdowns. I was bummed I missed those good plays, but happy I got to at least watch some of the game. After my break, I went back to work.

As I got home tonight, I went into each of my boys room and kissed their sleeping cheeks. I was so grateful for each of them and also for a good husband who put them to bed. Then, I went to get in bed myself when I happened upon this.....

...isn't this just awfully beautiful!

Conner had written a Thank You card telling me how grateful he was that I came all the way down to his game. And there was second card with a nice note from Niel, signed by Stocks, Gar, Zander and Conner. If you hadn't guessed from my previous post, I absolutely adore flowers. Conner knows me so well.... I LOVE Zingers! Plus, my bedroom was nicely cleaned up - bed made, floor picked up.... and they even vacuumed! WOW!

It was a perfect way to finish up the quarter! I have the greatest men (boys) in the world!


Grams said...

If you can't leave for Hawaii the day after every quarter, then this has got to be the next best thing!
Way to go guys!

Diana said...

What an awesome, blessing your family is. I really love that Conner knows you love flowers! That's so cute and I only envision him giving you flowers for the rest of your life!

Who Is Lynda said...

You are loved!!! I like zingers too.

Unknown said...

Awww, that is adorable.....what an amazing family!