Sunday, September 20, 2009


August, September, and October happen to be the biggest, most busy time of the year for our household. Between school starting, birthdays, football, and all the other exciting things that take up time.... I just haven't had as much time to blog as I would like. So here is the latest happenings.....

Megan is enjoying Jr. High. She even got a student I.D. .... so she is official. She is serious about homework. She brings her book bag to football games and focuses on her math and reading. My goodness, I wish I had been that studious.

Conner ran for 6th grade boy class representative and won! He had an awesome speech and a great cheer! "When I say vote, you say Conner. Vote! Conner!! Vote! Conner!! Vote! Conner!! ... it's easier than thinking." No wonder he won!
Conner also had a raging party at the house. We had over 60 eleven and twelve year olds. It was the first boy/girl party in history (at least that is what Conner is saying). I was happy with how things went. I would even go as far as to say we will do it again!

Stockton had a fun scout event recently. Stockton and Niel put together this cool rocket. Then me and Stocks decorated it. The day of the big rocket launch, Stockton's rocket went so high in the sky, we couldn't even see it. And it took a long time to come back down. The best part was, his rocket didn't even blow up like the rest of the boys. He got to launch it a second time.... with the exact same results. Way high in the sky and no damage to the rocket. He was pretty proud of himself... me too!

If Garrett isn't playing football he is watching it! He doesn't have any particular team he likes to watch, he just likes to watch all the players and what they are doing. He will shout out big plays like "1st Down" or "Interception"! He will tell me what players are doing and call out their names like "Smith just made 17 yards" or "62 just recovered a fumble" .... stuff like that. I am learning so much about football this year. It is fun to watch him get all excited.

Kindergarten and Zander were made for each other! He absolutely loves school! He gets excited about homework and reading (I wonder how long this will last) and is completely serious about it all. He loves to color, cut, paste, trace, and recite. He loves to sing while he is working so hard. He sings songs on the radio.... loud and proud. I had to ask him to quiet down a couple of times so his brothers, and mother, can concentrate. He loves his teacher and friends!!

A husband that is a good cook is a keeper! Niel cooks all the time at our house. He BBQ's like no otherand makes the most delicious spaghetti. YUM! He cooked enough for leftovers for the week. Niel is always a great sport when it comes to helping me parent and have fun with the kids! I am lucky to have such a good support. There have been a lot of things going on in his life and I am so proud of his accomplishments and balance.

I love this man!

This is how I feel about life right now. Do you see this delicious, tasty, creamy, rich, splendid cheesecake I am eating? I love cheesecake (especially Cheesecake Factory 30th Anniversary Special Cheesecake)! And... I love my life too! About 6 months ago I got a nice promotion at work. While I was excited about the promotion, lots of stress, travel, and time away from the family come with the nice pay raise. I was delighted with the new job, but I was also sad it was taking away family time. I asked to be put back into my old role. It is good to be working at work, but also being me when the work day is done.

I also love the busyness of this time of year. I am a proud football mom. It amazes me the dedication and energy the kids have. I also appreciate the support of Niel, Megan, Zander, Brooke, and my parents who have all been there to cheer the boys on.

Life is good and I am happy to be enjoying the ride..... and eating LOTS of calories!! :)


Grams said...

Busy, busy,but all with good things. The cheesecake would keep me sane, too! A great post....loved it!

Lisa said...

Great post -I'm glad everyone's happy and doing well. Let's get together soon.

donna said...

OCT is also a busy month for us too! I will need break after Oct is over. YUMMY cheesecake.

melanie said...

and you shared the cheesecake with me. thanks Amy!!

Unknown said...

LIke I have said before, you are an amazing mom/wife and a great writer! I lvoe this time of year, being busy is awesome.