Sunday, July 18, 2010

Date Night

Date Night on Friday night was not like many of our date nights. We spent the evening at LAGOON!

Niel and I both like adventure. What is more adventurous than an amusement park?

It is a tradition to get ice cream at Pioneer Village. Yes.... I ate the entire double scoop all by myself.

My family had spent the entire day up at Lagoon while Niel and I were working. We met them for some family time together.

Alayna is my sweet little niece. The Jaramillo Family had been visiting from California all week. This was the happiest I had seen her this visit. She was just loving running all around.

My two beautiful sisters daring the Swing ride together! It makes me so happy that my sisters and I are such amazing friends. It wasn't necessarily like that growing up, but I think sibling rivalry is normal. I am just so glad we love to be together as grown-ups!

Ari and Bryn were along for the adventure too.
I have the most beautiful nieces!

I also have the most brave nieces. They went on the Colossus and Wicked. It was fun to ride the scary rides with them!!

Niel and I went on a few more rides before it got too dark. We both could feel our age though. By the end of the evening we were sick to our stomachs and so tired. I guess we aren't as young as we used to be.... but at least we still know how to have fun!

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