Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Favorite

Stockton has found a new favorite sport....and he is really good at it too.


He earned the name....

~Mythical Guardian~
(he guards the goal pretty good)

Lacrosse is more of a new sport. It is very interesting to watch.

Stockton isn't afraid to just get in there and get the ball.

One of the rules is that you aren't suppose to hit the other team on the helmet. In several of these pictures you can see Stockton is aiming right for the face or helmet. He usually didn't ever actually hit the kid on the helmet, he just used it to scare the kids to let them think he was going to.... pretty clever. The fake scare would throw kids off their groove enough for Stocks to hit their stick and knock the ball out.

Do you see where the ball is going to hit?

Yeah.... Stocks got injured pretty badly. He couldn't move. Poor kid.

Next year we are getting a cup for sure.

I am really proud of Stocks for sticking through it this season and improving so much! It was a great Lacrosse season.

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Silver Back said...

You were awesome this year Stocks. By the end of the game everyone was scared to attack the goal because they knew you'd be standing there waiting for them if they got close.

Great job.