Wednesday, August 11, 2010

...And In with Football!

Football Season 2010 has officially begun.

All FOUR boys are playing this year. Talk about having the time of our lives AND being super busy!!

This picture puts a lot of things in perspective. Look how little Zander is? Zander is doing great! Sometimes I forget he is only six years old. Sitting still and listening, while doing crazy things his body has never done before can be difficult. I need to remind myself he is still small and innocent.... and that he is trying as hard as he can.

He is loving every minute of it. His team practices at 7:00 am! Every morning Zander wakes up with a smile and ready to get out of the field.

Running is something football players do a lot of. Zander doesn't like the running part all the much but he still hasn't complained about it.

Garrett looks like a little Steve Young don't you think?

Drills are another thing football players do a lot of.

Gar has a really good throwing arm. I am anxious to see if he gets to throw the ball a lot this year.

Looks at Stockton's form! Nice work Stocks!

Ready.... Set....


Stocks has been helping kids out with technique when asked. He really has the whole blocking things down to an art. He looks awesome!

My favorite saying of Stockton so far...

"I am a lineman. Linemen don't run!!!"

The coach agreed with him and then made him run another lap.

Conner is kicking butt this year. Do you see that kid WAY out in front of the group? Yeah... that is Conner. They are racing. He is SUPER fast this year.

We have a new face to add to the football post this year. Check out sexy Coach Niel (ok, only I get to call him that). Niel is helping coach Garrett's 3rd grade team this year. Looking good!

... and so it begins. Nothing but and more football!

The boys are loving every second of it.


StamKeve said...

Looks fun and busy just as you said! But I am sure the boys are having the time of their lives. I think Steve's fondest memories are football and wrestling memories, so I am sure it will be for them too!

Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE football season!! I will cry when Jonathan Granduates in 2 years! :( Have fun, at least you have 4 boys, I only have 1- I asked the girls IF they would try out for football, thye looked at me weird. :)

Enjoy the season, I love all your blogs and pictures.......

Lori Buhr said...

It is wonderful when you have something that the whole family enjoys. I am sure there will be lots of great moments and memories made this season. Good Luck to all!