Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stocky is 10!

Happy 10th Birthday Stockton!
Stockton is a rare find. I haven't met a kid quit like him. He has his own style to everything. He is the most caring, giving person. I wish so much I had more of his carefree attitude. He lets things slide off his back and never holds a grudge. He is a real blessing in my life and teaches me new things everyday.

Here are a few words to describe Stocks....

Giving ~ Carefree ~ Sincere ~ Thoughtful

Cerebral ~ Easy Going ~ Creative ~ Happy

Smart ~ Forgiving ~ Patient ~ Strong

Friendly ~ Popular


StamKeve said...

Where has the time gone?

Silver Back said...

Happy Birthday Stocks...

Can I add STRONG to this list. Oh, and FRIENDLY. You had 17 kids show up to your birthday party, and they all love you.