Sunday, August 15, 2010

I have a Teenager!

13 Happy Birthday Wishes for Conner!
It is a blessing to have had Conner in my life for 13 years. Wow! He is no longer a boy.... he is growing up to be a fine, young, man! I have been looking through pictures of him and it is amazing the fun memories he has brought into my life. Another memory he gave me todays was a big hug. I asked him what the hug was for and he said,

"I just love you Mom!"

He still loves me..... even as a teenager.

Here are some words that describe Conner

Competitive ~ Leader ~ Responsible ~ Perfectionist ~ Self-Disciplined

Determined ~ Loyal ~ Driven ~ Goal Oriented ~ Kind

Athletic ~ Playful ~ Crazy ~ Brilliant


Lori Buhr said...

You have great guys! May the teen years be great ones! Enjoy them, they are gone too quickly.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Connor!

Amy B. Jones said...

Such a good kid! And a great mom!!