Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When Niel is away...

.... the boys have to help me out extra hard.

Niel has been traveling a lot for work lately. When Niel is gone I really rely on the boys to help me out even more than they all ready do.

The past couple of weeks they have really done a great job.

Conner has made school lunches in the morning. This means he has to wake up extra early. Waking up extra early is not a favorite thing for Conner. He likes his sleep.

I appreciate his help!!

Gar is always willing to help out with cleaning the house. I don't even have to ask. I had to work late one night. When I got home Garrett was doing the dishes. He had also gotten himself in the bath tub. He had gotten Zander in the bath tub too. They were all washed and clean - and all smiles when I walked in the door.

I appreciate Garrett and his continued efforts to help keep the house clean and organized.

Stocks is super creative when it comes to helping out. He had to be SUPER responsible these past couple of weeks. I have to be to work early and Niel usually gets the boys off to school. When Niel is gone Stockton has to step in. Stockton made sure all the homework got done in the day. He LOVES to help Zander with spelling, reading, and writing.

He also made sure everyone had their coats, book bags, and lunches. He even made sure the dog as fed and the lights were turned off.

This was the little set up Stocks had made for reading time. It is a bunch of pillows and blankets set at the bottom of the stairs.

"Reading time needs to be comfortable" was he reasoning.

I appreciate Stocks creativity and brains to help with homework.

And I can always count on Zander to be silly and willing to do whatever his brothers tell him to do.... well, he listens most of time.

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Lori Buhr said...

It is great to see you recognizing all the positive things that your boys are doing. It sure makes life better when everyone works together. I miss those times when my kids were younger.