Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hot Springs Adventure

We thought it was be SO much to take the kids up to the Hot Springs in Spanish Fork Canyon.

Everyone did really well on the hike up. The trees were plenty green from all the rain this year. The river was roaring and rushing down.

As we got the Hot Springs we realized the water was so high it had pretty much washed away the lower springs.
(Check out all the water)

So we headed up to the Spring located higher up. The only obstacle we had was crossing the river to get over to the Hot Springs. I should have taken a picture. We walked across this think board to get to the other side. It was pretty intense, but we all made it over safe.

Here we are .... enjoying the warm water!

The river was pretty fast and the water was high. It was fun to relax and soak up the warmth as we watched the water rushing down the river!

Just as we were getting in the weather turned on us. Our beautiful day turned into a major hail storm. The trails were slippery with mud and water. The hail hit on us for what seemed like eternity. We tried to hide under a tree, but we found very little coverage. Zander slipped a couple times.... getting himself all muddy. We all did our best to carefully run down the path to the car, but the hike is about 2.5 miles. I am pleased to say we all eventually made it down. Even little Zander didn't cry too much. We were covered in mud and soaked to the bone but it sure made for a great story and some crazy memories!!

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melanie said...

Just looking at those pictures scares me. I would be afraid of falling in and drowning.