Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Birthdays

This year I thought I would be so smart and have Garrett and Zander's birthday parties combined. For the most part.... the party was a success. I think all the kids had fun and Garrett and Zander were happy birthday boys!

Check out the line of kiddos. We had a total of 26 kids that showed up. WOW!

It was tons of fun!!

Jump on It was the choice of activity.

Everyone left with smiles!!

Garrett LOVES burrito's. He had a breakfast burrito that morning and then picked to go to Barbacoa so he could have another type of burrito for dinner. He loves his soft shelled food!!
(he is always has a silly face)

Megan also celebrated her birthday in May. Bruno Mars tickets were her special gift. She said she even had a good time!!

Happy Birthday!!

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