Monday, October 22, 2012

Garrett's Football 2012

G-man played Running Back and Middle Linebacker this year!

As usual, he was in the game ALL the time!  He is a key player for his team.  He is fast, fearless, and just incredible!!!

This year Garrett's team made it to the playoffs but lost their first play off game.  It was a tough season this year.  They lost a couple of games but each of those games were so close.  It was intense but we loved to go cheer for his team.  Gar scored most of the touchdowns made this year.  

The one thing I love most about Garrett is his sportsmanship.  You will often times see him help players on the opposite team when he has crushed them to the group, or pat his team mate and the opposite team mates helmets to indicate they have done well.

He has a love and passion for the game and very talented.  He is a joy to watch!!

Gar had a fantastic hit that knocked over a referee.  Keep your eye on the ref on the left side of the screen.  Garrett comes out of no where and knocks the player and the ref right off their feet.

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