Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

The boys must have been good this year!  They got WAY too much!!

Santa decided to give the boys snowboarding lessons!  The entire month of January will have us on the slopes!  SaWeet!!!

Santa brought Niel and new soundbar and Amy got a nice big nerf gun to get back at all those little boys who have gotten her!  Revenge!

Zander got his Jazz basketball!

Gar was surprised with a new hat that he won't take off his head and plenty of other great items!

Stocks got some new tools!!!

Conner got the books he had been requesting and The Dark Knight trilogy!

We really miss Grandma and Grandpa J this Christmas.  We thought of them as we opened all our awesome gifts from Sweden!  

After we opened up all our great gifts we headed out to go sledding with the family!  We had the most wonderful time.... well, until us girls got this brilliant idea to ALL go sledding together.  We had done this countless times in our lives, so what could go wrong?  I guess we should have figured we were 10 years old the last time we all tried to sled together and age just isn't on our side anymore.  With all us on the sled we really picked up speed and as we turned a slight corner we caught some air.  Ang flew out of the sled and I grabbed onto her to keep her from falling out.  Brooke just screamed in fear and I am sure we all thought we might not make to see another Christmas Day.  Ang landed down hard on her bottom and got a few pieces of grass into her mouth.  We nearly hit the school had Ang not stuck out her legs and jammed her feet into the building.  She saved us but hurt her bottom.... pretty bad.  She didn't walk the same for several days after.  The ride was memorable though and made us feel like we were young again and fearless!  I just love it that we did it together and shared yet another "Dean Girl" memory!!

If you are wondering where we get our brilliant ideas, it's from this man..... OUR FATHER!  

He figured if we were going to do something dump, he should do something dumber.  Love his man!

We all had the time of our lives!!  TOO MUCH FUN!

I guess my dumb genes have passed onto my boys.  Here is Gman and Conner trying to be cool!

After a long day of Sledding there isn't anything better than a great bowl of Grandpa's soup!  YUM!

It was a fantastic Christmas!!!

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