Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We don't stick to regular dinner traditions for Christmas Eve.  Our tradition is to go to the store and everyone picks out something they want to share with the family for dinner.  This year we had Ice Cream (Niel), Steak (Amy), Pizza Mini's (Conner), Chicken Nuggets (Stockton),  Sunny Delight (Gar), and Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce (Zander).  YUM!

I guess we are some what traditional.  We get PJ's every year on Christmas Eve.  This year we decided to do footie PJ's!!  They were a big hit!!

Grandma and Grandpa always have a ton of gifts for us.  This year we got a special treat.... quilts made by Grandma!  These were a big hit!

Grandma made the boys their own special quilt to share.  This is a Lonepeak quilt with all their numbers from the year!  WOW!!!  These boys are spoiled!   
We all loved this gift!

To finish up the night we each got to pick a game and we all played it together!

 Amy picked Lemon Fencing!

Garrett picked Hide and Go Seek in the dark!

Zander choice a competition with Ping Pong!

 Stocks chose Rock Paper Scissors competition!

Niel picked Scattergoris!

... and Conner's choice was "Smurf"!

We all watched "Elf" and then got ready for bed!  

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