Saturday, December 15, 2012

Temple Lights!

To start off our annual Temple Lights trip....

We got to ride FRONT RUNNER!

It was actually the first night open to the public so the train was pretty crowded.  We had a long ride up but it was worth the wait.  The boys had a great time!

JB's seems to be the place we like to feast at.  It's so close to the temple and food is pretty good!

Once we made it to the temple, the lights were beautiful!  It was lightly snowing which just added to the spirit of Christmas.  We loved hanging out with family and enjoying such an incredible night together!

I love to watch these 3 grow up together!  The years are flying by and they are growing up so fast!

I love these two amazing women in my life!

Grandpa and Stocks are easy going to go with the flow.  They were all smiles all night long!  I hope Stockton grows up to be just like Grandpa!

Niel met us up there!  We ended the night at City Creek shopping center!  It was a fantastic night!

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