Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Stocky


Happy Birthday kiddo! What a happy blessing you are to our family. I feel you have so many incredible personality traits that I wish I had in my life. You are so laid back!! You don't stress about too many things.... you just enjoy life, regardless of what obstacles come your way. You are tons of fun to be around. Your smile is contagious, your laugh fills up a room, and people enjoy being in your presence. You have the most sweet little spirit. You think of others more often then yourself. You put others needs ahead of your own. I remember this past year you were working so hard to earn money. There was a pretty big toy you had your eye on, and I was for sure all the money you were saving was for that. Once you had earned enough, we headed to the store. You surprised me when you told me you had been saving your money to buy your brother a birthday present. Or that one time when you got up early just to make your friend a birthday card.... and I know how much you like to sleep-in. You are constantly thinking of others. I am so happy to see thoughtfulness in your character.
One of my favorite sayings you say often is, "This is the best day of my life!" You say it so often, but I love it each time you say it! You are willing to try all things! I have really enjoyed watching you develop so many great talents. I know Heavenly Father is happy too!

I love you Stocks! You are true blessing in my life!!!




SJ said...

You have got to teach me how to make those cute movies! Stockton has one clever Mom! Happy B-Day!

Amber said...

We had a good time today! Thank you for having us over. We love you guys!!!!

Brooke said...

Oh Stocks! You are so grown up! Thanks for inviting us to your baptism. I love being around you. I love the person that you are. We are lucky to have you in our lives! Love you kiddo!

Rick...the meek and mild said...

It has been such a memorable, banner year for me and you had so much to do with making it wonderful for me Stockers...thank you my young man