Sunday, August 31, 2008

Timpanogos Cave

Grandma and Grandpa Dean took us on hike.  Now, this wasn't just any hike, it was a hike up Timpanogos Cave.

The boys were all great hikers!  The trail is 1.5 miles with most of it uphill.  I was very impressed with their hiking abilities!

Inside the cave was amazing!  It is incredible anyone even found the cave.  We learned a lot of intriguing information.

Conner wanted to know if he could just live there...haha!!   It definitely was a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Amy! Thanks for thanking me on the tips! haha. I have never used a blog before, so this is a whole new experience! maybe someday i will be as good as you at it :)

melanie said...

Love that cave.I haven't been there in awhile. I think I will go..

Amber said...

Hey Mel... when you go, I wanna come! Sounds like it was fun!

Lori Buhr said...

We just did this hike for the first time in August. We didn't do too bad for two old people with bad hips and knees! The cave is very inspiring! Heavenly Father has created some amazing things.

Rick...the meek and mild said...

I'm glad I survived it all. Being with you and the boys made it special though so my thanks to you for coming.