Sunday, August 24, 2008

School is back in session

The kids are excited to be back in school. Conner is in 5th grade (I am getting old)! Stockton is heading into 3rd grade. Garrett is in 1st grade. And Zander is in pre-school! They were all filled with enthusiasm as they headed off for another great year!


Holly said...

Your blog is supercute! I found it through someone elses (I don't remember whose)I started at my sister cami's and I think I found it through one of her friends?? You have a really cute family, your boys are adorable!!I am pregnant with twin girls right now!-Holly

Kristin said...

What a bunch of cute boys!

Mindy Hill said...

Happy Back to School! Watch out ladies, look at those way handsome boys of yours! I love you and have been yearning to spend time together. I have so much to tell you! Thanks to both you and Niel for making my B Day extra special. Sorry we didn't get to talk! HUGS! M