Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mowing Grandma and Grandpa's Lawn

Summer is filled with fun, sun, water, and even some hard work. This summer we are missing some amazing people in our lives.... Grandma and Grandpa J. They are serving a mission in Russia. I suppose the closest we can get to being with them is helping out by mowing their lawn this summer and picking raspberries. The boys have been great helpers and most of the time they are eager to go over and be put to work. Niel is usually the one who leads the group over, but this past week he was out of town. Kallie (our incredible nanny) took the boys over this past week and they all got to work!

Conner mows and Stockton looks for sprinkler heads. It is a perfect match for the two!

Zander picked some raspberries. He got SO tired though. One bowl was about as much as his little hands could handle.

Kallie jumped right in and helped with the picking (did I tell you how awesome she is)!!! Garrett and Stockton helped pick some too.

They filled two bowls and still left a bunch more. Anyone interested in some raspberries?

After a hard day of work they got a special treat at Macey's. I am proud of the boys for being so willing to help out on a hard job!

We miss you Grandma and Grandpa!!!


Grams said...

It was fun to see the boys working and the raspberries that you picked. It would be fun to be there to help you pick them and EAT them. It made us a little homesick.


melanie said...

Oh!!! How I love raspberries. Would love to come pick and eat them. YUM

Anonymous said...

those are such pretty raspberries! I'm always up for some... ha ha if you have any extra left over of course :)

Brooke said...

WOW! I remember picking grapes as kids and we didn't like that so much. Raspberries have thorns on the vines right? What troopers!! I would LOVE some raspberries. I should have read your blog before now so I could have gotten some yesterday. THANK YOU Amy and Niel for the great BBQ with the girls. I had a great time hanging out and catching up!!