Monday, July 27, 2009

Open House

We were able to attend the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple!! We all had a very nice time! It was the first time the boys were able to tour the inside of the temple. It was an amazing experience!!

I feel so blessed to have so many temples so close to us. I think living in Utah we are spoiled. For most people outside of Utah, and especially outside of the United States.... their challenge is find ONE temple close to them. We face the challenge of choosing which one we would like to go to!! It was great to walk around inside and talk to the boys about different things. They each found it intriguing. Even Zander attention was focused on the beauty!


Grams said...

Russian members can only dream of a temple in their country. But it will Megan said this morning: that's why we are here! Helsinki is the nearest, but high visa costs are an obstacle. Ukraine will be next and closer, but still not in Russia. Especially in Utah, we are very spoiled and blessed to have so many temples. Let's go there often!

Lisa said...

We went a few weeks ago and enjoyed it too. I love that picture!

Unknown said...

i love that picture of the boys. beautifully done- as usual :)

I'm waiting for your beach picture.

Unknown said...

i gave you an award- check out my blog to see.