Sunday, April 4, 2010

End of Quarter?

I get asked ALL the time, "What do you do at End of Quarter?"

My family and close friends get to feel the stress of the big day. They are grateful it only comes around once every 3 months.

Well.... this is what we do:


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are all brought in. DELICIOUS!

We bench press Little Tracy to get rid of any stress me may feel.

And this past quarter some massage therapist came in.... DELIGHTFUL!

I bet you are wondering, "What the ....? That doesn't seem so bad!" ...and you would be correct. Those are some of the many fun moments experienced at End of Quarter.

But Conner's remark this past week was, "Mom, when is End of Quarter going to be over? You are SO behind on laundry!"

For about a week before the last day of the quarter, we are putting in 10 hour days. I start work at 7:00 am and finish at about 6:00 pm every day for at least a week.
Then, on end of quarter day I will work all day, barely leaving my desk. We are processing orders, making sure numbers match, trying to close enough business to hit quotas and do everything quickly and efficiently! My day will start around 8:00 and end around 10:00 or so... just depending how things go. This quarter, I left decent time. And once again, we had another successful quarter as a company.

And these are the people who are stuck with me for so many hours and get to deal with all the stresses.

~The Specialist Team Q1 2010~


Brittany said...

I'm really glad you posted such an attractive picture of me on here ... It's really wonderful ... lol

Amber said...

Sounds like a fun place to work.