Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback to San Diego - 1999

San Diego


Can you even guess who these people are?

When ever I am in San Diego, I like to remember one family trip we all took together.
By far, 1999 was the hardest year of my life. The entire family decided to take me and my little family on a trip to make some happy memories for that year.
Just in case you wondered... this is Ang, Joel, and Brooke. Yeah... I know.... they looks so different. Ang and Brooke might physically beat me up for not asking their permission to post this picture. But I hope they remember what a fun time we had together. The trip made some for some good, lasting memories that year.
I miss Joel so much!!! When I think of some of the good times we shared together.... our trip to San Diego was one of many!


melanie said...

All I can sat is WOOT! WOO! He is such a handsome man.. Oh! How I miss him too...

Amber said...

Oooohhhh MY PODGE!! I forgot how handsome he is! Our lives sure would have been boring with out him. Thanks for posting this Aimes! I had never seen this one before. Do you have more?