Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sea World - San Diego

We stopped off and spent a day at Sea World!


Talk about the best weather ever! It was beautiful!!

We were relaxing and chill'in out!

We walked around and looked as so many different animals.

They had a cool ride called Atlantis. Zander and me even went on it twice!

We stopped off for some Elmo fun!

Here are the kids all dry....

They all sat in the Soak Zone.... and they had a front row seat to all the exciting whale jumping.

Even though they were soaking wet.... they left all smiles!

Drying off wasn't so fun. Garrett thought he wasn't going to make it. They were just soaked with salt water!

But we still couldn't help ourselves.... we wanted to get wet some more.

Drying off in the sun with our 3D glasses on!!

"I can't believe this is really real!" That was Stockton comment for the day. We had a super nice day in the sun enjoying all the animals!!


Grams said...

It's REALLY FUN for us to see the wet & dry pictures!!!
Notice how they all look a little more tired at the end of the day?? Cute.

SJ said...

How fun. We love Sea World!