Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wild Animal Park - Beach'in it!

For our second day in San Diego we hit up a couple fun places. Again... let me emphasize how incredibly warm and sunny it was. Back home in Utah it was snowing, blowing and cold!

There were some awesome animals at the Wild Animal Park.

Proof that Garrett really does have an extremely long tongue. It even comes to a point on the end....
crazy kid!

Ah... the beach!! Probably one of my most favorite places we spent the day while on vacation.

The kids had a blast boogie boarding it up on all the waves.

Might I add the water was too cold for me, but I loved people watching and seeing all my kids have the times of their lives.

Ok... this might be the only time you will ever see me post a picture of myself in a swim suit. Conner took the pictures..... I thought he did a pretty good job of it!

The kids got to visit with Aunt Deana while we were there. It had been a while since the boys have seen her. She met us for dinner and she even put up with all the sand and ocean water we brought with us!

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Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SAN DIEGO!! Looks like you all had a blast.....you always do such fun trips....PS, you look great in your bathing suite.....
Take care and miss chatting with you.