Friday, November 14, 2008

Good-bye Miss Heidi

Just about very morning I drop Zander off at Kindercare. Today was a little bit more somber then usual. Today was Miss Heidi's last day. Do you have people in your life who you just don't realize how much you appreciate until you know you won't have them in your life anymore? It isn't like Miss Heidi is dying or anything, or that I might never see her again, but I do know she is a person I am going to miss seeing everyday. She truly has been an important person that I took for granite.
Every morning when Zander wakes up, one of the first questions out of his mouth is, "Were am I going to School today?" My answer back every morning is either, "Mrs. Stock" or "Miss Heidi". Now, I know Zander loves Mrs. Stock, but he holds a very special spot in his little heart for Miss Heidi. His eye beam when he knows he will see her. Once he knows Miss Heidi will be taking care of him for the day, his smile is followed by a cheerful, "YEAHHHHHH!"
Today, when I came to pick Zander up, he went over to Miss Heidi and gave her a big hug. We said our good-byes - I tried to hold back the tears - and then we jumped into the car. As we were putting on Zander's seat belt he said, "Mom! I am going to miss Heidi. I am not sad right now, but I am going to be so sad tomorrow."

We are really going to miss Miss Heidi!


Anonymous said...

oh my heart hurts! poor Zander! Also, i sent you an email... i think. I might not have sent it and thought that i did! But Saturdays are great for me too if you want to get your back treatment on a saturday. I am booked this coming Saturday the 22 and will be out of town on the 29. but the 6th is totally free. :)

Lori Buhr said...

Oh! I bet Miss Heidi will miss Zander too. Those little cuties have a way of getting wrapped up in the teacher's heart as well.