Friday, November 21, 2008


I am just wondering if Twilight is all it is cracked up to be??? Anyone seen it yet?

I made this video playlist at


Heather said...

Steve & I went to see it tonight. We both liked it. Our favorite character was Jasper...too was as if he were holding his breath ALL the time.

melanie said...

We saw it and like it but didn't love it. My imagination is so much better than the movie. ha ha

Anonymous said...

I loved the book and didn't like the movie. My sister HATED the book and LOVED the movie. Weird.

I thought it was too dark and overly dramatic. My sis thought that of the book, but not the movie.

Brooke said...

I enjoyed the movie. I have only read the first book and I had gone with no expectations. I really enjoyed the movie, plus I am now motivated to read New Moon and actually finish it this time. The best part of the whole movie anticipation was who I went with. I had the best company to share this moment with.