Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trasiberian Orchestra

If you’ve never taken the opportunity (or even worse – you’ve never even thought about taking the opportunity…shame on you) to see the transiberian orchestra in all their concert glory, you haven’t truly experienced all that Christmas music has to offer. It’s a great blast to the 80’s, and who doesn’t want that to be part of their holiday festivities?? I'm having a hard time limiting my highlights of the show.

Maybe it was lots of lasers and fire and strobe lights and probably about a thousand band members or maybe narrator telling a really cheesy Christmas story, that were my favorites. There were a couple of singers with good gravely voices and ....everyone had really long hair and.... the girls all had blue eyeshadow like barbie and the rockers. There were a handful of guitar duels and an incredible piano duel contest. Then... it started snowing!!!! Yes, you read that right... it started snowing inside of the E-Center.

I’m serious – it had every ingredient necessary to make a perfect flashback rock concert. It was awesome!!! Plus, all their music is so fun – what better way to start out this Christmas season than with a jam session of Oh come all ye Faithful?

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us with you!!!! I had a fantastic time!!!

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Rick...the meek and mild said...

This has become a holiday tradition. A concert that Dot always raves about. Then again, the guitarist, Angus, is one that makes her feel like she is a teenager again. See how insecure I am feeling