Monday, November 10, 2008

Then there's you....

Who would have guessed, when I walked into Ruby River 4 years ago, I would walk out with my life complete changing? The past 4 years have been the most incredible years of my life!

Four years ago.....I had just started a new job! My new life was beginning!! My adventure with four little boys, part-time school, full-time job, single parenting, life altering moment had just begun. And in walked the best part of my little, crazy life.... Niel!

Things have never been the same (thank goodness). I can't imagine how I survived without him.

Niel makes me laugh! We are silly together and I enjoy every minute of it!

Recently, Dietrich moved back to town. Niel and I took advantage of every moment we got to spend together! Don't get me wrong, family time is one of my favorite things.... but Niel time is priceless!

I can honestly say there isn't anything Niel wouldn't do for me. Any man who will dress up in a sheep costume is a REAL man!!! We even won best couple costume this year for Halloween (yes, I dressed up 3 times this year)!

Dodge City, at Anniversary Inn was a splendid night. And no... we weren't celebrating our anniversary, or birthday..... he planned the entire weekend for us just because. He was suppose to go hunting, but surprised me!

It was a very nice surprise!

To celebrate our first date 4 years ago, we went to Ruby River for dinner and then bowling! I kicked his butt at bowling, but he won the 50 states contest. He is just so smart!

Tonight was our last official alone night. We cooked up a great meal, one of our favorite things to do, and watched Friends!
Unfortunately, Dietrich is moving away. But that will not stop our fun times... no way! We always seem to squeeze in some type of adventure together. That is what I love so much about Niel.... never a dull moment.

One of my new favorite songs, Someone Else's Life, has a phrase I love:

My hands shake
My knees quack
It's everyday, same way
Then there's you!

Every day my life brings new and incredible things. And everyday, when I wake up, my best friend is laying right beside me. I feel like I am living someone else's life.... it almost seems impossible to be traveling down this journey of life with someone like Niel!

It has been an amazing 4 years!


Angela said...

It seems like Niel has always been a part of the family...I am glad you chose each other!! I sure love him because he has made you so happy! Niel is a good worker, great dad...step-dad, and he takes care of YOU! Thanks Niel for deciding to be a part of our LOVELY Family!!

SJ said...

SO sweet!

melanie said...

Both Jonathan and I think that Neil is awesome. We have loved getting to know him and are glad he is part of your life. Love both of you guys!

Brooke said...

This was perfect for me to read today. You two are so perfect together and for one another. I wish that everyone could have a relationship like you guys. You guys have so much fun and love one another so much. I LOVE it! I love seeing you so happy and excited about life Amy.