Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged - My Simple Little Life

I have been tagged so many times with so many different tagging requirements. Below is one tag I found interesting and a little different. Have fun!

What do you do all day? Randomly throughout the day, update your blog on your latest life happenings.

5:30 - Alarm goes off. Niel jumps up and turns it off. Then he slides right back into bed. We both try not to fall back to sleep.... and eventually, in aabout 15 minutes, we both crawl out of bed. Niel goes first! I guess there isn't any real reason for me to stay in a cold, empty bed.... so I get up too!

7:05 - Pull out of the driveway to head to work. Pull right back into the driveway because I think I left my cell phone on the counter. I run back into the house, only to realize the phone was in my purse, which is in the car. Laugh at myself! Go back out to the car and get going to work.

7:38 - Sign Zander into daycare. He loves his teacher Miss Heidi!!! She is moving to Heber this week. Zander is really going to miss her.... I am really going to miss her! She says "ZANDER" in a loud, cheerful voice. I love knowing he is happy during the day and enjoying himself.

7:42 - Pull up at the gas station and smile..... gas is $2.08 per gallon. The lowest it has been in almost 2 years. Man! This day is turning out to be a pretty great day so far!

7:54 - Log into my work computer, ready for a busy day. Head to the break room for my daily cup of hot chocolate!

9:30 - Conference call with my customer regarding services we will be providing. Mark came into the office this morning. He is my territory manager. I speak with him on the phone everyday, so it is good to see him in person.

10:32 - Rocky Mountain review with Andy, my area director. I enjoy these team meetings because it gives me an overview on what the quarter holds for us.

11:19 - Received a very nice email from my cousin Melanie! She is always so thoughtful and I am feeling very blessed she is in my life!

11:35 - Headed out the door for lunch. I got to talk with my sister, Ang on the phone for my entire drive down to Lehi. I don't get to talk with her nearly enough. It was nice to hear her voice!!

12:00 - Met Niel for lunch at El Pollo Loco! I love that place, but I love seeing Niel in the middle of the day even more. He had a big audit at work today, so I felt extremely grateful he made the arrangements to spend the lunch hour with me. We had a great time.... as we always do!

1:10 - Walked in the door from work and got a large work load dumped one me. I am working on quotes and making calls to get business in for this quarter. It's all about the money!

1:30 - Took a little bathroom break and ran into Lori and Kat in the bathroom. We did a little girl talk - it was a nice break from the stress of work, even if it was for just a few minutes.

3:02 - Called to switch stuff with our auto insurance.... insurance is expensive!

3:54 - Getting ready to walk out the door from work! Heading to the post office to mail a baby gift for my other Territory Manager. She just had a baby! Speaking of.... you can check out a blog that has some pictures posted on it. That is what I did right before I posted, checked out her pictures here. Sure cute!!!

6:31 - Just got home! I went to the post office, only to wait in line for 20 minutes and not even move. Plus, I was 6th in line, so I didn't feel like wasting my entire night in line. Went and picked up Zander. Then, we headed to the new Smith Marketplace that just opened today. The store is sooo big and very cool! The problem was it was so crowded. We purchased some flowers and salt just so we could go through the express line which took 16 minutes... yes, I timed it! Then, we stopped at Mailboxes etc, which had no line!!! I keep wondering where all these people come from?? It was nice and quiet at Mailboxes Etc!

6:45 - Niel made a delicious dinner.... fish sticks and tater tots. He even made his special fry sauce! We ate dinner as a family and watched Amazing Race! It was pretty good tonight. The divorced girls were booted off!! It is Megan night tonight.... I like it when we are all together as a family!

7:30 - We left the house and headed up to the cemetery. Today is Jayden's birthday. It is very crazy, and hard to believe she would be 10 years old today. I had purchased some yellow daisies. Yellow was a perfect color for Jayden. It was my favorite color on her. My dad had all ready visited the cemetery. It was nice to see flowers from him on her grave. It was great to have all the kids there. They remind me of how blessed I am! Niel was there too.... and once again, I felt overjoyed and extremely thankful for him and the great life we have together. Sometimes, thinking of those who have passed on, reminds me not to take for granite the loved ones I have with me in my life right now.

10:39 - The day is gone. Each day seems to go by quicker then the day before. Zander reminded me to turn on the hall light. Conner talked about is day. He showed me some of the Math tutoring he is doing. When I got into Garrett and Stockton's room, they were both asleep. I even caught Garrett with his thumb in his mouth, he has tried to so hard to quit that bad habit. I got headers done for Ang, Lori, and Amy B. Then I worked a little on Heather's christmas cards.

It sure was a great day! I always wonder what type of emotions I will feel on Jaydee's birthday. This year was probably the best year yet. I thought a lot about her, but mostly I thought about my life now. I have such amazing, incredible people in my life! Heavenly Father has blessed me with more blessing then I know what to do with!! I am ever so grateful!!

Happy Anniversary Steve and Megan!

*** I am tagging everyone I mentioned in this email, and anyone else who really read through this entire LONG blog post!!!! *****


Steve and Megan said...

Amy! I don't know how you do it. How do you remember these things? Our anniversary? You're amazing. Thank you!

I liked reading about your day. I'll have to try this tag one of these days.

Unknown said...

You're an amazing woman and mother! I don't know how you do it. You inspire me!

Emily said...

Wow Amy! Ten years?! Thanks for that post. Im glad you had a thoughtful, thankful day.

Rick...the meek and mild said...

Hey there, I've been withdrawn lately. Glad to be able to make a visit to Jayden. I look at every 10 year old girl and wonder how Jayden would compare.

Katie said...

What a busy mama you are! Happy Birthday to Jayden.