Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hemophilia Blood Run - Give-a-way!

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I know a bunch of your are runners, and even if you aren't, you should still come run with us. Everyone in our house is participating in the Hemophilia Blood Run. The race will be Saturday, June 6th in Highland. A few of us are running the 5K and some of us are running the 1 mile. ALL of us are helping with the race on the day. We are looking for runners, volunteer's, and even donations (see my site).

Anyone who helps out the day of the race, either by racing, donating, or volunteering..... we will be having a YUMMY breakfast at our house following the race. You don't want to miss it!! Niel is an excellent cook!!


Anonymous said...

this is awesome! i'm very excited for this. How was the party tonight? I'm sure we missed out big time

Carmen said...

Ben and I are planning on being there! Niel seriously has been telling everyone here at work about it.