Monday, May 11, 2009

The Law of the Credit Card

Niel has been competing in Toastmasters for a few months. You might be asking yourself what Toastmaster is? Niel could tell you a lot better then I could. I know he has been practicing speaking for a few months. First, he won the contest within his area club. Then, he won the area district (Utah County), and this past Saturday he won The Division contest!!! He keeps moving right along!

His speech is incredible.... and I am not just saying that! He keeps winning!!

His next speech is on May 30th. I will be out of town and unable to attend. So, if anyone is feeling like spending a day listening to some great speeches.... go cheer him on!

I was just so happy and proud of him, I couldn't help but smile big!

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Lisa said...

Good job, Niel! I had to google Toastmaster, but it sounds pretty cool. Let us know when and where the competition is on the 30th -I'd love to come if I can! BTW- is "The Law of the Credit Card" the name of Niel's speech?