Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Candy Houses

Another fun Christmas tradition at our house....

Candy Houses !!

I love all the creativity!

Zander has wings on his house. We call it the "Up" house because it can fly.

Stockton's is hollow inside. He was so excited that he made it sturdy enough that it didn't cave in. We call his the Graham Cracker house because he used nearly half the box of Graham Crackers.

Conner liked the chocolate pretzels the most this year. Doesn't his fence look perfect?

And Garrett's house is a party house. He has all the little bears eating food in the dining room! He even made a door that is open to everyone. The more the merrier.

Megz isn't a house at all, she made a giant swimming pool with a diving board. The red bears are even swimming!

Me and Niels house is pretty standard. I think I do the same one every year...haha! Pink, white, red and brown were our colors this year!

I love this tradition! It is tons of fun to make the Candy houses from scratch and let our imaginations lead to such creativity.

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