Sunday, December 6, 2009

Temple Lights

I LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!! Going up to Salt Lake City to see the Temple Lights every year! I remember going as a family when I was younger. Carrying on this tradition every year has been a good one. We have added a few events to the tradition over the years.

This year, Bryn and Grandma came with us. Brooke and Rick met us up there.

First, we all ride the tracks together. Zander thinks this is just so much fun! I think age 5 constitutes for the best age for the Christmas Season. EVERYTHING is excited to Zander. He was full of energy for the entire trip.

JB's Restaurant's used to be a big deal with I was younger. Now, it is a rarity you will see one anywhere. We found one though. Just for me, the family shuffles into the restaurant. JB's is right across from the temple lights so it works out perfectly. All the kids love the menu because there is so much to choose from. I just love it because it reminds me of the good grades I got as a kid and every time I got to pick a place to eat as my reward, I would choose JB's. It has sentimental memories for me.

The Temple Lights were beautiful!

We visited the old Conference Center. It seriously looked like a painting it was so beautiful!

The weather outside was about 21 degrees, but we were bundled up so tight. We stayed plenty warm and enjoyed the sites!


Grams said...

Thanks for letting us join in on the (brrrrrr) trip to Temple Square, from the comforts of our warm apartment. Had to laugh at slide #4 and the extra person in the picture.

Unknown said...

Great pictures and what a fun night you guys had. We really need to fit that in on of these nights.