Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's beginning to look....

... a lot like Christmas!

Some people like to shop on Black Friday. We like to do something a lot more fun. First off, we sleep in! But the best part about the day after Thanksgiving is decorating the house in preparation for Christmas.

Christmas is so much more fun with children. Zander was SO excited he could barely contain himself. Stockton and Garrett were big helpers in decorating the tree. And Conner was anxious to help Niel set up the lights.

It's going to be great Christmas.... I can feel it all ready!


Amanda said...

Great pictures! We put up decorations yesterday and I didn't take the first picture. Bad mom! LOL

I have a similar brood, except I'm missing a boy. I have three sons and one daughter (b,b,g,b).

The backgrounds you make are fantastic and I hope to do a feature on your site (DD) soon.

SJ said...

The kids have sure gotten to a fun THEY are the ones reminding us about traditions. I love all your documentation of the fun.