Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What are you most Thankful for?

When I was a kid, and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said things like:

I want to be a teacher or Film Producer or even a Gynecologist
(yes... that last profession you read is correct)!

But who ever knew that being a Mom would be the best grown-up thing I would ever be?

Being a parent is hard work. You know.... all those fun plays I HAVE to go to. Or football games I would need to attend!! My goodness, FUN is overrated...haha!

Five kids brings oodles of smiles and hugs. I am never bored or dull or still. I have someone to laugh at my corny jokes or think that I have a magic touch to make all the bad things go away.

There is always someone to make cookies with or veg out with or cuddle up with. I get to watch these little people develop into a real live person. Each of them with different personalities, ambitions and dreams. I love waking up each morning knowing there is someone else who has to wake up too and go to bed knowing about their good and bad days. I have a friend all the time and I even have moments that question my abilities to be a parent. Those moments make me want to try even harder to be better.

Having children means I get to be a kid myself. Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny all come alive. Things mean something to me. Traditions, Memories, Picture Books, and Stories are made every day. Love is given unconditionally. Who gets that with any other profession?

But mostly, I love being a Mom because I learn something new everyday. Being a Mom is unexplainable.

I am thankful for my children and for a Father in Heaven who has trusted me to be a mother to some incredible little spirits.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Unknown said...

I loved this post and you make a wonderful mom

Unknown said...

YOu are an amazing person and friend!You make me want to love my kids more ;)