Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for Bad Days?

I was reflecting on the events from this past week and realized I am thankful for bad days. I know that might sound a little strange to be grateful for the more difficult times in life, but for me, when difficulty arises, for some reason it is a reminder of all the goods things too.

This past week was extremely difficult. This terrible economy has brought about much unemployment. I have seen it with my family and friends. And, as things would have it, I experienced at my own place of work. No, I did not lose my job, but some of my very good friends did. Most of the people who were let go I have grown great friendships with. In some instances I have even spent more time with these wonderful people more than my own family. It was difficult to help them pack up and wonder what life changing events would come into their lives. With this tearful experience (yes, I cried my eyes out), I was sad, but I also could find my good things too. First, happy I had a job, although difficult at the same time. I also cherished the friendships I have developed with each person. It made me extremely grateful for their involvement in my life. I hope we can always stay in touch.

The day was drilling and difficult. When I got home from work I was greeted by sweet little Stockton. He saw me walk in the door, and without even knowing I had had a bad day, he ran up to me, opened his arms, gave me a ginormous hug and said "It's my favorite person!" I love my little Stocky. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know and is so thoughtful and sincere. He really brightened my day.

As I came in further, Conner and Garrett came to greet me next. Conner said, "Mom, you look like you have been crying. Is everything all right?" I told them about the day and why I was sad. Right away Conner started helping with dinner. He helped with Zander by reading with him and then he helped with Garrett by giving him a practice spelling test.... he even signed off their papers. And little G started cleaning up the kitchen (he is such a good little cleaner), and then he sat with Zander and watched a TV show.... now this is unusual for Garrett because he normally likes to tease Zander. I felt so blessed to have such good boys who care for each other and care for me. They truly are my little heaven on earth.

The weeks seems to just get worse. I took on more work because of less people in the office. To make matters worse, my computer crashed.... putting me even further behind. I realized I was super stressed when I nearly had a break down after I thought I lost my car keys. It was getting pretty bad. That was when Niel stepped in. He took me out to see this great chick flick I was dying to see.....

... oh, and by the way, I LOVED it! Way better than the first one.

Then, we swept me away for a fun weekend. We went to the South Pacific!!! Incredible!!! All my worries melted away.

I know, I know... my week wasn't nearly as bad as some people's. But for me, it was more difficult than usual. I am grateful for days that remind me of all my many, little blessing I take for granted.

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Susan said...

So sorry. We're going through the same, coworkers of my husband. One young man with cancer who really can't even look for another job, he's so sick. Another one is a dad of two little ones. Good workers, both. Breaks my heart. My husband's job is fairly secure, so we want to do what we can to help these two workers and their families have a good Christmas.